Semper Submarinus Scampi!

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This Unit Commendation letter was issued to all hands aboard Scamp, summer of 1964, by Commander Submarines Pacific Fleet - RADM. Eugene B. Fluckey. Many of us think this should have been at least a MUC, and to this day don't understand why it wasn't. Had it been up to Admiral Fluckey we are sure it would have been so. As it was, Scamp spent more time on station than the boats who did receive the MUC in the Pacific during that time frame (No names, but check the list in Blind Man's Bluff, last edition!). But, coming from a man of the caliber of Gene Fluckey, the letter meant even more to us than a MUC would have! Thunder Below!

1964 Marjorie Sterret Battleship Fund Award Click the National Defense Ribbon to view CNO's Letter.

Note the gold "MS" on sail. (Thanks, Capt. Atkins, for the picture!)

Scamp's 1962 Unit Commendation 

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(thanks to Shipmate Keith Boger for the copy!) 

Meritorious Unit Commendation, for Vietnam War duty, 1971-72. Click on Ribbon above to view.  


with two Battle Stars




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Click above ribbon to read Meritorious Unit Commendation issued for actions in connection with rescue attempt of the crew of a stricken Philippine freighter, in highly dangerous conditions, North Atlantic, Feb 1987. Three crewmen were awarded the Navy Achievement Medal: TMC(SS) Paul Conway, MM2(SS) Lange, and FTG2(SS) Lonnie Harden. Click on Ribbon below to read story from Yankee Magazine.

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Official US Navy Photo

ITEM: On 24 March 1964, Scamp underwent a Naval Technical Proficiency Inspection, which resulted in her receiving the HIGHEST MARK EVER AWARDED TO A SUBMARINE! See Scampgram # 1 for more details.
ITEM: Week of 06 April 1964 Scamp received the COMSUBRON 5 Annual Administrative Inspection. Her mark - OUTSTANDING!
ITEM: July 1964 - Scamp wins the Battle Efficiency "E" for submarines in Submarine Division 53, Pacific Fleet.

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