Scamp Photo Gallery No. 2; More 1960s

1964 oil painting; at Ballast Point

Buck Dietzen

Gustav Erbes; Oct. 1964 at Ballast Pt. Scamp is tied up to Nereus, with Sabalo SS-302 outboard. In background is USS Sperry, Rasher and ?

Maneuvering Watch Topside 1964

G. Erbes (phones), Mr. Lowe, Chief Rickenback, Ed Swanson, & Ed Hume, & others.

Naha 1963; Harv Crow on watch

Naha 63

Naha harbor

Naha 63

Leaving Ballast Point

1963 RC Div

Merle Andrews, Bill Ford (rear), Dave Farran, Jim Marr, Ed Feury (front) and Gary Patterson

1965 A Gang at Mare Island

Lou Minor: "When do these port and starboard watches end?"

DC6 at Naha; to Hong Kong

The Admiral's plane at Naha

Liberty party at Naha

L-R: B. McNiel, L. Hewelt, D. Sloan, J. Apple, Roy ?, M. Carter, H. Koller, J. Kirby, J. Hofffman & W. Tow.

Naha harbor

Gary Patterson

Jim Hoffman on plane from Hong Kong

Tom Benson, Michael Courson & Lew Ross et al, at Cubi Pt.

Lew Ross

Lew Ross

Lew Ross & Gary Smith

Joe Ross 1963

1964, Battle E and Marjorie Sterret Battleship Award

Scamp at Nereus

Scamp & Barb at Pearl

Someone's model - nice!

1993 USSVI - Scamp Dinner, Vallejo

Lou Minor's Shellback card

SS 277; our 588s namesake; lost in the war.

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At the Longbranch Apts, Ocean Beach, Mar. 1963

L-R: "Odessa" Schwartz, M. W. Massey and "Buck" (Last name?)

Still at Longbranch Apts, Mar. 1963

Back; L-R: Buck ?, & Larry Hewelt; Front:L-R: M. Massey, D. "Odessa" Schwartz, Jimmy Hoffman, R. "Copper" Colbaugh.

Still at Longbranch Apts, Mar. 1963

M. Massey, Buck ?, Gus Erbes, Odessa Schwartz, L. Hewelt and kneeling ? & Jimmy Hoffman