Scamp Photo Gallery No. 3 - Photos and Items from the 1970s

Not Scamp, at Bangor in Aug1975

George Petershagen (facing(, Al Mines, (r), Jim Weeks (r) and Stan Westover across from Weeks

Okinawa 71

Pete Almeroth & Stu Royalety

Torpedo Gang

Tim Barstow shooting trash

Tied to Dixion AS-37 in 1972 at Ballast Pt.

Topside watch is Jim Pate, Frank Tristan is the rear line handler & a new guy "Bear" (Almeroth photo)

1978 Unitas patch

1970s Sonar Gang patch

Unitas 1978

Venezuela 78

1971 Yoko

71-72 Vietnam War MUC


Another SA port during UNITAS

Panama Canal

Jim Foote's Shellback Card

Leaving a Peruvian seaport

Maneuvers in Panama

Maneuvers in Panama

War Games in Panama

War Games in Panama

Panama Canal Zone

Panama Canal lock

Panama Canal lock

11 Aug 72 Periscope article - 1

11 Aug 72 Periscope article - 2

David "Shelley" Shellton, TMC(SS) on BCP

David Schmidt working on sail planes with shipmate

Planesman -Helmsman

SeaHawk article



Carl Tietz on BCP

Almeroth, Maxson, Cole, ?

Subbase New London


New London Sub Base (Dwyer photo)

Tim Dwyer