Scamp Photo Gallery No. 6 - Captain Tim Guilfoil's


"Here are some pictures I took (with exception of the US Navy photo at Roosevelt Roads and the Welcome Aboard Brochure) during Scamp's participation in UNITAS XXV, from June through September 1984. We started in Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico, operated with USS Iowa, BB-61, (not many can still say they have seen a battleship in the cross-hairs of a periscope!) in the Caribbean Sea.  We conducted a port stop in Caracas, Venequela, then transited the Panama Canal and stopped in Rodman, Panama for another port call.  Then down the west coast of SA, operating with the navies of all the countries along the way.  We made port calls in Manta, Ecuador; Callao, Peru (just outside of Lima); Antofafasto, Valparaiso, Talcahuano and Punta Arenas, Chile (the bottom of the world!  We did pull into one Argentinian port (don't remember the name) but had to leave shortly thereafter and in a hurry because of a large protest against our involvement in the Falklands War.  I am sorry I don't remember many of the names of our shipmates in the following photos."

T. Guilfoil, CDR (USN)

Puerto Rico - Roosevelt Rds - Sept 1984

CNO Watkins pins dolphins on 2nd Class ET

Admiral pins Mark BaumannSTS3(SS)

CNO aboard Scamp at Punta Arenas

Captain Guilfoil

The Hotel Norfolk in Valparaiso, Chile

On the back bar were pictures of SCAMP & the two previous COs who had made UNITAS deployments, Groth & Schlicter.

USS Iowa operated with us.

Liberty boat

Liberty boat

USS MacDonaugh, also part of the team.

1984-off Caracas, VZ


Rodman, Panama, tied to & receiving 'shore power' from USS McDonough DDDG-39

Captain on bridge

Wardroom, where a pre-op meeting is being held.

Skiing in Andes

Anchored off Caracas, Venezuela.

Rigging STASS (pain in the a__!)

Welcome Aboard Brochure

Sub base New London, the day after the homemcoming from UNITAS XXV