Scamp Photo Gallery No. 15

STS1(SS) Robert Chapman's No. 2 of 4  (Bob was aboard from 6/69 until 2/76)

Families wait on pier for Westpac return

Still waiting!

Smithson, YN2

John Bond FTG1(SS)

Meekins, SK ?

Nukes in crews mess

Crew's mess

Watching flick in crew's mess

Hot-bunking in Torpedo Rm

TMSN Richard 'Bump' Moore

QMC Hargrave in middle

Topside forward

Sights upon entering Pearl Sub Base

Life is good!


Tim Ledo, SN

Wesley Mallory

John Hegre MM1(SS)

Mooring complete!

Mark Reed ICFN in front; rear ?

Waclaw Bilinski SN(SS) outside radio shack

EM1(SS) Dennis Campbell

John Bond FTG1(SS)

STS1(SS) Doug Davis

Lin Schima CS3(SS)

Bob Chapman STS1(SS)

Phillip Labolle RM1(SS)

CDR Branch presents 1st Class crow to Chapman

Chapman in Hogan's Alley

Chapman in Sonar Shack

Chapman - sonar

Chapman & Toepfer in sonar

Enos (center) & Patterson, COB (right)

Doug Davis

CDR Branch presents 3rd Class crow to Chapman

Duty RM bringing messages

Gerald Dickey ETR3(SS)


Getting flick set up

Lin Schima



Mark Mielke ETR2(SS)

Mark Mielke ETR2(SS)

Chapman cards

Stewart Royalety RM2(SS)

Topside at Guam-no crew liberty!



Carl "David" Rose, MM2(SS)


Setting up flick in crew's mess

At Ballast Pt

At Pearl - night shot

Sub base San Diego